Litoral "Especial"

Every Monday to Friday from 12:00  -15:00

星期一至星期五 十二點至三點

$ 95.00 Mop Per Person


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Private Rooms 私人房間


Set Dinner 晚餐套餐


Private Group Dinner 私人聚餐


Restaurante Litoral Taipa have a capacity for more than 120 people, private rooms are available and if you want to have a private dinner or private group dinner, Restaurante Litoral Taipa can design a special Set Menu just for you to have a memorable dinner or party 

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海灣餐廳  (氹仔分店)的接客容量超過120人,可用爲私人晚宴或聚餐己設的私人房間.