What is Macanese Cuisine?


Macanese cuisine is cooked with many ingredients

that recall the unique history of Macau and its

Portuguese maritime culture. During the 16th and

17th Century, Portugal energetically established a

sea route to the East, paving the way for merchants

engaged in the spice trade in Africa, India and the

coast of Malacca, bringing, in turn, these spices

and food cultures to Macau. In addition, many

Portuguese married local Chinese in Macau and

inhabitants from the above-mentioned regions.

Thus, different foreign and Chinese ingredients

plus cooking styles were gradually incorporated

into traditional Portuguese dishes cooked by

Macanese families over the past centuries.Based

on Portuguese cuisine, these spices and

ingredients from Africa, Southeast Asia and

India - including curry, coconut milk, cloves and cinnamon - are combined using Chinese culinary skills in a wonderful pot pourri of tastes and aromas, giving birth to the uniquely delicious Macanese cuisine of today. Macanese Gastronomy was inscribed on the Macau Intangible Cultural Heritage List in 2012

Savor the Authentic Macanese Cuisine!




土生葡人美食烹調是由許多澳門歷史及葡萄牙海洋文化己造成. 在16世紀和17世紀時,葡萄牙從海域一路向東,來到澳門從事香料貿易及運輸到非洲,印度及馬六甲海岸. 同時, 這些香料也進入了澳門的飲食文化.

此外,許多葡萄牙人跟上述地區的居民結婚. 因此, 多年來不同的國家及中國食材漸漸跟傳統葡國美食混合以成爲土生葡人家庭烹調的風格.